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A Few Pictures

Long Bay , British Virgin Islands

Tortola is the main BVI island and mixes spectacular scenery with a slightly scruffy, dusty, take it or leave it feel.  The mosquitoes hunt in packs and the temperature and humidity are constant at 30 and 90+ respectively.

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BUT.................if you want to just relax and eat well in the evenings, Long Bay is a superb beach - almost as good as Smuggler's Cove just a bit further to the West.
The Bananakeet and the Sugar Mill are both excellent places to eat and Trip Advisor has plenty more to choose from.  The hotel at Long Bay is a bit like the island - but it has cabanas on stilts just a few steps back from the beach - idyllic!

Comparisons are odious, but the BVI sunset is as spectacular as the island scenery.  The next picture shows Myrtos Bay in Cephalonia -  spectacular scenery again, but fewer mosquitoes and usually lower humidity.  However, there are unbelievable thunderstorms in September and one of the worst earthquakes ever in 1952.  

The last picture is taken at the site of Old Skala which was totally destroyed in the earthquake and still has ruins everywhere.